Dear friend,

Our professions are often a clever facade for who we really are inside. My profession is a Psychic Intuitive. It's the title, the name, the thing that graces my business cards right along with my web site and phone number.

Inside I am a listener and a wise old soul who is gifted with an ability to see, sense and feel deeply into the human condition, able to understand and share the messages your soul reveals. I am an avid student of life, a direct and straightforward communicator, a nurturer, a teacher, a seeker, and someone who loves to see others understand more about who they at any given point on life's journey. My ability as a medium also shows up from time to time, and you are always free to ask about loved ones crossed over.

While sensing the future CAN at times be a part of this work, that is not my focus nor is it my biggest strength. If you are only looking for predictions you may wish to connect with another psychic.

If you are looking for direct, honest and clear guidance for your life path and soul's journey, you are in the right place! Here you will find psychic services, mentoring programs and events, even some free. See the calendar page for more on that.

What you will NOT find here is anything "woo-woo." My approach is down to earth, practical in nature, addressing your current life and issues, guiding you to the most direct, straight and clear path forward.

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